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Travel Companion Service



There are many benefits of having a trained Senior Friendly Travel Companion fly with your loved one. We are there to serve as professional companions and as strong advocates as well as traveling caregivers for the entire trip.

Travel companions offer services ranging from pick-up, delivery and check-in assistance to actually traveling with you or your loved one and ensuring a smooth flight and a safe and secure arrival at the final destination. Other services might range from someone willing to drive your car back while you fly home, or connect with their loved ones who live in other cities without sending them alone.

Families have found that navigating the transportation systems can be challenging. Many people may not know the availability and advantages of Professional Travel Companions. Families on the hunt for ways to connect with family members that can not travel alone because of aging years, illness or injury will be excited to know that a Senior Friendly Travel Companion can fly with Mom, Dad or Grandma from other parts of the country to the Chicago area or from the Chicago area to any destination.


Our Travel Companion/Escort Services Include:

·         Escort you to/from the arrival/departure airport to your destination.

·         Handle wheelchair assistance.

·         Coordinate airport check-in.

·         Carry onboard luggage.

·         Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint.

·         Assist during boarding.

·         Accompany you during the flight.

·         Assist with connecting flights.

·         Handle travel changes that become necessary because of delayed or canceled flights.

·         Assist with bathroom trips.

·         Retrieve luggage at baggage claim.

·         Keep friends or family members informed by phone or email during the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will accompany me on my trip?
One of our professional Travel Companions will be with you through out the entire trip.  The Senior Friendly Travel Companions have extensive experience helping you or your loved one travel with ease and confidence.

How much does the Travel Companion service cost?
Our fees are based on a daily rate and vary according to the nature of the trip and your needs.  If there is extensive preparation before the trip an extra fee will be added to the first day rate.  You are responsible for all costs associated with the trip including airfare, parking, mileage, travel insurance, lodging, food and gratuities for both you and the Travel Companion.

Who makes the travel arrangements?
You may make your own, or we can make all the arrangements for you.  We can book airfare, hotels, trips and all transportation needed.  We can research to find the best schedules, fares, and simplify connections for you.

How do I get to and from the airport?
If you have available transportation, we can meet you at the airport.  We can arrange for transportation to the airport and escort you all the way.  We can arrange for accessible vans for transportation if you are in a wheelchair.

Can my wheelchair come with me?
Yes.  You can stay in your own wheelchair all the way from your home right to the airplane door.  We can handle all the arrangements at the airport for check in and getting through security smoothly. Your wheelchair will be carried on the plane and will be available to you when you get off.

What about food on the flight?
We do not provide food.  We can be sure to get snacks for the flight and check what kind of food will be available onboard the flight.

What about my luggage?
We can handle all the luggage for you.  You should minimize what you carry onboard the plane.  Most luggage should be checked at the curb or at the ticket counter.

What happens if my flight is changed or we miss a connection?
We can handle all re-booking or re-scheduling your literary.  Our office staff can be of assistance if we need to change your flight on the fly.

Will my family know where I am?
We can keep your family apprised of your progress throughout the trip.

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